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LGBT Youth London – Kiki Youth / Proud North London provides services for LGBT+ Youth in London. We offer support, advocacy, and opportunities for personal development and social interaction for 11-25s who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender, queer and other sexual orientation and gender identity expressions (LGBT+ SOGIE).

As an organisation we aim to provide:
Safe environments for LGBT+ Youth and their allies to foster learning, interaction and identity affirmation.
Space and opportunities that Inspire and promote a young persons’ self-identity through innovative and targeted developmental programmes.
Opportunities and activities that are diverse and open to all.
Raising awareness and promotion of understanding, acceptance and inclusion for LGBT+ Youth

Our Mission is to:
Support lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender, queer, those uncertain of their identity youth by providing programme curriculums and opportunities that foster unconditional acceptance, and create safe spaces for individual learning, self-expression and identity development, through inspiration, community support, advocacy and leadership.

Our Values & Beliefs
Acceptance, Confidentiality, Empowerment, Educational, Equitable, Expressive, Honesty, Individuality, Inclusive, Leadership, Participative, Respect, Social Change

What is on offer:
LGBT+ Youth Club – A space to meet other LGBT young people aged 11 to 25
LGBT+ Camping & Residentials – opportunities for young people to go away from their local communities and explore what it means to be LGBT+ and learn more about their identity.
Mentoring & Advocacy – We can help support LGBT+ Youth with face-to-face working, helping to overcome barriers and issues that are preventing positive outcomes.
Training – We provide training on LGBT+ Awareness, Diversity & Inclusion, how to support LGBT+ youth as a professional, and how to establish your own LGBT+ Youth projects.
Events and Social Action – Attending community events and enabling young people to participate within their community to foster LGBT+ Inclusion and Identity
Mentoring & Advocacy

Services provided for

  1. Ace Spectrum Communities
  2. All LGBT+ Communities
  3. Black, Asian and Minoritised Ethnicities
  4. Intersex/Variations in Sex Characteristics (VSC)
  5. Men
  6. Non-UK Residents
  7. People with disabilities
  8. Women
  9. Young People

Key areas of work

  1. Advice/Information
  2. Advocacy
  3. Befriending/1:1
  4. Campaigning/Activism
  5. Counselling
  6. Drop-in Service
  7. Education
  8. Employment
  9. Equal Opportunities/Discrimination
  10. Events
  11. Gender
  12. Harassment
  13. Mental Health
  14. Networks
  15. Outdoors/Sports
  16. Policy/Representation
  17. Pride
  18. Publications
  19. Research
  20. Self-help/Support Group
  21. Sexual Health
  22. Training
  23. Volunteering

Contact Details


07713 928397


[email protected]


Opening Hours

Friday Evenings

Meeting Times

4.30pm onwards

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