Intersex Equality Rights UK


Intersex Equality Rights UK is a charity currently being established.

The UK needs a charitable organization that can work with the UK GEO following the results of the Variations in Sex Characteristics Survey 2019, which came about largely because of the response of intersex people to the LGBT+ survey 2018, identifying key areas of discrimination which needed further understanding.

The charity  is an interesx equality rights campaigning charity that will work with and to support people born with intersex variations who are part of the LGBTI+ community as well as those who fall outside of that. It will work with marginalized members of the intersex community, including BME, as well as asylum seekers, and homeless people. It will work to support and include the equality rights of ALL intersex (VSC) people in the UK. As the charity grows it will be able to provide more services. But for now I need support and advice regarding funding, campainging, social media, and website/interent presence.

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