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GIRES combines the expertise of a largely voluntary team of trans and non trans people, which provides a wide range of support for trans people and those who care for them, while ensuring that the charity is robustly governed. GIRES now has over 400 individual and corporate members, making annual subscriptions, one-off donations and payments for services. GIRES aims to ensure that legislation and practices meet the needs of trans people.The charity responds to many government consultation papers. Particular focus has been on the entitlements of trans people under the NHS Constitution and:

  •     the Equality Act (2010)
  •     the Gender Recognition Act (2004)
  •     the Human Rights Act (1998)
  •     the Data Protection Act (1998)
  •     the Freedom of Information Act (2000)


Each year, GIRES provides about 50 training courses and attends and makes presentations at about 150 other events. It also provides free e-learning resources. The charity’s website contains a wide range of information and includes a directory of the 400 national and local groups that support transpeople. Total hits since it was launched in 2010 exceed 3 million:

Services provided for

  1. All LGBT+ Communities
  2. Men
  3. Non-UK Residents
  4. People of Faith
  5. People over 50
  6. People with disabilities
  7. Trans People/People with gender histories
  8. Women
  9. Young People

Key areas of work

  1. Advice/Information
  2. Education
  3. Employment
  4. Equal Opportunities/Discrimination
  5. Faith
  6. Gender
  7. Harassment
  8. Healthcare
  9. Helpline
  10. Mental Health
  11. Policy/Representation
  12. Publications
  13. Research
  14. Training

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020 3051 3696


[email protected]


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