Location: In or around the Manchester area
Closing Date: 29th Nov 2021
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Employment Type: Employed

My name is Michael Chick, I am the Chairman and co-founder of United Pride Friends. We are looking for an assistant to help run the group. United Pride Friends is a service for people with Autism and Learning Difficulties who identify as LGBTQ+. Our service was created to support our community with the issues that we face. We want to tackle the real issues of loneliness, isolation, discrimination, homophobia in general society as well as in support and living settings. We are open to talk about any other support our members wish us to support them with. At United Pride Friends we tackle the following issues by providing the following services:

  • social media platforms
  • online webinars
  • group meet ups
  • outings
  • taking part at Pride as well as other events

  What skills are we looking for in an assistant? We are looking for someone who would be able to assist me in working with other organisations and networking. We would like someone to assist in helping us find safe spaces in which the can hold meet-ups for our members. We need someone to assist us arranging any outings or attending events such as Pride. The administrative duties would include assisting in contacting other organisations and replying to emails and enquires. Other areas would also include keeping our Facebook page up-to-date with upcoming events, meet-ups and the production of monthly newsletters. We would work on looking and putting together grant applications or other such tasks. It would ideally suit someone who would be able to come up with a wide range of exciting ideas for fundraiser events, webinars, meets ups and outings. We want to plan putting on workshops and training on issues such as loneliness, discrimination, homophobia and/or any other support requested by our members. Requirements For this position we kindly ask that applicants would be able to join our committee/board which forms United Pride Friends. The person needs to be a signatory on United Pride Friends Bank Account also. As United Pride Friends works with people with autism and learning difficulties we looking for someone who understands the difficulties faced by people with autism and learning difficulties. The type of person we are looking for Someone who identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ or who understands the issues faced by those who are LGBTQ+. An individual how is fun, kind and caring, good at listening, open minded and respectful to people views and opinions even when those views differ from their own. We are supporting people who need safety in their lives so we will need to have good background checks completed. Terms

  • 4 -5 hours per week.
  • £14 per hour and reasonable travel expenses.
  • Access to internet and ability to use remote working essential.
  • Location in or around the Greater Manchester area.
  • Probationary period.

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