LGBTQ+ Pride Festival support assistant

Location: Bedford
Closing Date: 28th Sep 2024
Community group volunteer roles

Employment Type: Volunteer

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of the Rainbow Bedfordshire team who will bring the first LGBTQ+ ‘A Pride for Everyone’ Festival to Bedford on Saturday 28th September 2024.

We are building a team of volunteers to support attendees.

There are a number of different roles/tasks which we need your help with. For many of these we will pair you up with another volunteer. You will be responsible to the volunteer coordinator on the day, who you will meet initially for an informal interview soon after you submit your application. We request for you to be available for a briefing meeting shortly before the day of the event.

We are looking for individuals to act as ‘Here To Help’ volunteers.

Roles (not exhaustive list)

  • Help with setting up the day from 10am-12pm and help us to pack away between 5pm and 6pm.
  • Help attendees and performers find different areas of activity in the building, pointing them in the right direction.
  • Provide attendees, performers and stall holders with information when asked, or passing on enquiries.
  • Helping anyone who may have additional needs or who is wearing a Sunflower Lanyard, if required.
  • Using a clicker counter at entrances to different rooms to be aware when maximum capacity is reached.
  • Managing litter and supporting venue staff.
  • Car park management- directing traffic if needed.


A fixed price single day lunch voucher will be provided to every volunteer who has arrived in the morning to support for a minimum of 4 hours. Hot or cold drinks will be supplied for free to volunteers for the duration of their role on the day.

Minimum skills needed

  • Physical


Some physical tasks require low-moderate physical strength, coordination, and balance e.g. setting up and clearing away.

Some tasks may require a volunteer to stand for an extended period.


  • A friendly team player who is comfortable following instructions, and can speak up when they are uncertain about a task (this can be discussed at informal interview).
  • Confident directly communicating with colleagues and attendees verbally.
  • English does not have to be your first language. Knowledge of other languages could be an asset on the day.
  • The specific roles and tasks will be allocated shortly before the event.
  • You will be briefed ahead of time, and can seek support from the volunteer supervisor.
  • An aptitude for logistics, if involved in the planning team before the event begins.

What’s in it for you?

  • Team working opportunity.
  • Working with marginalised groups.
  • Further volunteer opportunities at future events and activities.
  • An interesting addition to make your CV stand out.
  • References etc for future employment.


Being part of a momentous event. A rewarding experience.

What support will there be for disabled volunteers, or those living with long term conditions?

Where a disability is disclosed to us, we will discuss access needs with the potential volunteer, and will make reasonable adjustments to enable them to do any the role they choose without disability being a barrier.

A volunteer will be allocated only tasks if it is agreed between the volunteer supervisor and the individual that they can safely manage the task without harm.

Examples of the support we can provide (not exhaustive):

  • On site there is a wheelchair accessible entrance and accessible toilet facility.
  • We will ensure the volunteer has more regular breaks.
  • We do not expect all of our volunteers to work 6 hours, so if someone needs to leave to rest, or to decompress/regulate we will ensure that there is cover to allow for that. We will have Access Bedford on site to support deaf people.
  • We will provide photos, a map and a layout of the site ahead of time to support volunteers who are neurodivergent and need information ahead of time.
  • We will provide instructions on the day in a written and verbal format. This could be provided in an easy read format where appropriate.
  • Accessible travel arrangements for disabled volunteers can be arranged and will be funded by Rainbow Bedfordshire Events C.I.C if needed, as described in the Access section of our expenses policy. This is an exception to our general expenses policy, to factor in car or taxi travel.

Please email [email protected] for more information and to apply

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