LGBTQ+ Agony Aunt

Closing Date: 28th Feb 2021
LGBTQ+ Agony Aunt

Employment Type: Volunteer

Queerativity is launching a new initiative called “Queeries”; an LGBTQ+ Agony Aunt style forum for people to anonymously ask LGBTQ+ related questions regarding identities, relationships, allyship, and more. Becoming a Queery will involve helping to answer these questions.

The process for joining the “Queeries” will include relevant training to be sufficiently qualified to answer these kinds of questions and respond to sensitive information. Your roles and responsibilities will include availability for short training sessions, followed by a no-pressure requirement to respond to at least one Queery per month. This will fluctuate depending on popularity however is completely understanding of your schedule.

The training involved will be impressive for CV’s and have transferrable applications in other employment areas.

Please complete the following form to register your interest in this opportunity. You will receive an email soon directing you to the application process.



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