Volunteer Trustees

Location: Remote
Closing Date: 31st Dec 2021
Volunteer Trustees

Employment Type: Volunteer

Role Description

  • The important role of a Trustee is to ensure that Proud ‘N’ Diverse fulfils its duty to its beneficiaries through its charitable activities and delivers on our vision, mission, and values.
  • To ensure the charity complies with its constitution.
  • To ensure the financial stability of the organisation.
  • Act with care and responsibility.
  • To contribute actively to the Board of Trustees’ role in giving firm strategic direction to the organisation, setting overall policy, defining goals, setting targets, and evaluating performance against agreed targets.



  • To provide support to LGBTQI+ people who may need that extra help in areas they may struggle with.
  • Provide quality advice and guidance to all members of the LGBTQI+ community who access our services.


Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to make Leeds a safer space for LGBTQI+ people.
  • Provide a quality service to the clients who attend our company for help and support.
  • To give people a chance to expand their skills through volunteering at our company.


Qualities of a Trustee


  • Understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities, and liabilities of Trusteeship.
  • Commitment to the charity’s objects, aims and values and willingness to devote time to carry out responsibilities.
  • Strategic and forward-looking vision in relation to the charity’s objects and aims.
  • Good, independent judgement, political impartiality, and the ability to think creatively in the context of the organisation and external environment.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to respect the confidences of colleagues.
  • Some experience of charity finance, charity fundraising.



  • Prior experience of committee/trustee work.Knowledge of the type of work undertaken by the organisation.
  • A wider involvement with the voluntary sector.
  • Experience of committee work.


Time Commitment

The Board meets at least 6-12 times a year and the Chair is expected to be available 6-9 times in a year.
It is important that the Chair is available to relevant individuals on a regular basis.
In addition to Board Meetings, other contact – usually video call or by telephone – will be necessary.

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