Freelance Trainer

Location: Brighton
Closing Date: 14th Dec 2022
Trans Advocacy Worker

Employment Type: Employed

MindOut LGBT Mental Health Service in Brighton and Hove is currently seeking to expand our pool of freelance trainers, managed by the Training Programme Manager, Alysa Friedrich. Please read on for more information about the MindOut Training Team and how to apply.

At MindOut, we run an external training programme that is offered to organizational training clients across the country and globe. We largely teach on LGBTQ awareness and mental health topics, including LGBTQ history, intersectionality, suicide prevention, etc. We offer a basic crash-course in LGBTQ awareness called ‘The A-Z of LGBTQ Inclusion’, a ‘Trans 101’ course, a ‘Trans 201’ course and several other bespoke offers based on the training clients learning goals and aims. Our current training team includes people from different demographic groups (i.e. age, disability, neurodivergence, specialty skills) and we aim to have our team reflect the natural diversity of our community. All interested applicants are welcome to apply.

To lead these online and in-person sessions, the Training Programme Manager and Training Assistant work with members of our freelance training team to coordinate the work. The Training Programme Manager will select the new trainers for the team based on an individual auditions and evaluation of their skills and expertise. The Training Programme Manager will fundamentally manage the relationship between the trainers and MindOut, while the Training Assistant handles all logistics, payment, and resources. As freelancers, our trainers are not formally employed, as is the case for other traditional staff members. We pay our trainers hourly rates for facilitation time, for rehearsal/prep/edits, and for travel time (if the event is held in-person) as well as covering public transit, though more than 90% of our trainings are hosted online. Trainers are always welcome to accept or reject any offers of freelance work; work is ad hoc, based on specific need of the clients. Interested parties need not live in Brighton and Hove to apply.

The ideal applicant will be able to demonstrate the following skills or qualities:

• Significant training, facilitation or teaching experience, 5+ years
• Experience in researching and developing curriculum for delivery
• Experience in adapting content for various audiences, learning styles and knowledge levels
• Exceptional understanding of specific hardships experienced by LGBTQ people
• Ability to creatively communicate complex and nuanced topics in a clear and accessible way

Application deadline: Wednesday December 14th 2022 at 4pm.

If you are interested in auditioning to join the freelance training team, please send a CV to: [email protected] outlining your relevant paid or unpaid facilitation experience. First round candidates will be contacted via email and offered an opportunity to schedule a one hour meeting with the Training Programme Manager. This meeting will consist of a bit of conversation about yourself, your background and identity, your training skills and more. In order to best demonstrate and evaluate your skills, you will be expected to deliver a fifteen-minute training presentation on content that you think would be relevant to our Training Team and clients.

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