Pride Stall Assistant

Location: London
Closing Date: 1st Sep 2024
Pride Stall Assistant

Employment Type: Volunteer

The bisexual community is often erased and ignored by both straight and other LG(b)T organisations and people. Having a presence at Pride helps normalise our presence at these queer spaces and educate people about the differences and commonalities. It’s also a great place to network with other LGBT+ organisations doing the work to increase all our safety and rights.

London Bisexuals Meetup Group regularly provides stalls for outreach and community-building in previously unconnected bi and LGBT spaces and communities. Where possible, also income-generation through merch sales, and self-promotion.

Can you spare upwards of fifteen minutes on specific occasional Saturdays at a local Pride around in the London boroughs to help us run our stalls, so the main organiser has time to take toilet and lunch/snack breaks, check out the other stalls and network there? This is the minimum useful time, but a half-hour or hour (especially if other volunteers offer some help) would be incredibly helpful. The most helpful times would be around the Pride starts/lunchtime, and after 4.30pm when the post-work peak hits (until ~6-7pm or the Pride stalls close, whichever earlier).

You would only be left alone for short periods of time, and if you are comfortable with this (if no other helpers are available at that time), and guidance will be provided. We can be flexible in how much and what you are interested to talk to the visitors about. The help will involve inviting people to engage with the information on offer, introducing the meetup group, and potentially some casual marketing and sales to visitors of badges, flags and books and the like if they seem interested (where this is allowed for the stall; training will be given, expect this to take five-ten minutes for basic usage – more complex queries can be dealt with by the stall’s host).

Putting on a stall at a Pride event can be significant work, you can meet many new people and contribute to awareness and visibility of bisexuality, learn from/quiz our geeky experienced organiser about all sorts of bi-related, LGBT, and other things (who knows what we’ll end up talking about and have in common during the quiet spots of the day).

Contact [email protected] to express your interest.

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