LGBTQ+ Photographers of all levels

Location: Bristol
Closing Date: 30th Sep 2021
Grant Writer (Volunteer)

Employment Type: Volunteer

LGBTQ+ Faces of Bristol is a non profit project. Our goal is to ensure positive representation of all LGBTQ+ people exists by offering free portraits.

The project was started by Karen Freer in July 2020 and has had a lot of positive feedback from the community. We have a lot of people signed up and not enough photographers to take portraits.

It has been solely Karen with a few assistants taking portraits so far and we are keen to increase the number of photographers available to help showcase all the wonderful participants.

We are looking for photographers of all experience levels. Those confident enough to lead a photoshoot will be paired with a less experienced photographer who can act as an assistant. Those of you who are less experienced or less confident in leading, will be paired with a more experienced photographer. When you are ready to lead a photoshoot we can move you into that category.

Up until now the project has been shot with just film. If you are a film photographer then please apply to be included, if you are a digital photographer who wants to learn how to shoot film, please apply. If you are a digital photographer who is not interested in shooting with film, you are also welcome.

We do ask that applicants are LGBTQ+ but we will not turn away an experienced photographer who is an ally and wants to help increase positive representation.

Please apply for the volunteer role via this link –

We look forward to seeing your applications 🙂

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