Assistant Film Photographers (Volunteer)

Location: Bristol
Closing Date: 12th Apr 2021
Assistant Film Photographers (Volunteer)

Employment Type: Volunteer

LGBTQ+ Faces of Bristol is a photography project aiming to visibly represent and empower the LGBTQIA+ community and its individuals. As part of the work to involve members of the community, LGBTQ+ Faces of Bristol is looking for volunteers.


What will I be doing?

  • Assist with setting up shots and directing the participants
  • Take light readings
  • Hold a reflector or other light source if needed – all shoots happen outside
  • Document the photoshoot (BTS photos/ video would be great for social media)


  What skills do I need?

  • Basic photography knowledge would be beneficial, but enthusiasm to learn would be valuable in place of actual skills
  • Friendly demeanour – helping to keep participants in good spirits
  • Passion for Film Photography – The entire project is shot with film (35mm & 120), if you don’t know how to shoot with a film camera this can be taught, if you want to learn


What is the time commitment?

This is a volunteer role with the opportunity to have multiple photographers involved. Most of the shoots will happen on a Saturday or Sunday. Shoots are booked in advance so if you can only come to one a month, this is fine. There is no pressure. A typical day would involve two photoshoots, reasonably close to each other so the walking distance between them is minimal. I would normally set the first up at 1pm and the second at 3pm – this is obviously only possible in the summer.  We will probably stick to one shoot per day until around April.


When does the role start?

LGBTQ+ Faces of Bristol should be starting up again in April. The plan is to continue with at least one photoshoot every weekend for the rest of the year. As previously stated, you don’t need to be available for all of that.


If you are interested, please contact Karen at:

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