Peer Mentor

Closing Date: 28th Feb 2021
Controlling Chemsex

Employment Type: Volunteer

People who have experienced the impact of chemsex on their lives are in a good position to use the knowledge they have gained to support and encourage another person who has recently struggled with this reality, and after accessing professional support and taking some control back, he is in the process of making changes in his life. This could be support with cravings, tips and advice, or providing a friendly and reassuring voice to talk to. Sharing their knowledge and experience of chemsex can be a powerful and rewarding experience for the mentor and mentee.

Peer Support is highlighted as an effective intervention for improving the mental well-being of people who are trying to take their control back because of drugs and alcohol.

CONTROLLING CHEMSEX is now recruiting volunteers who experienced chemsex issues in the past and now they took the control back to help us to support those who are where they were. We are putting everything together to start the 12 weeks training to become a member of our peer mentoring team.


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