Fundraising Officer

Location: Surrey
Closing Date: 30th Jun 2022
Marketing Lead

Employment Type: Volunteer

About Blossom LGBT CIC
At Blossom LGBT, we strive to create safe, inclusive spaces and life skill classes for LGBTQ+ young adults where they can be their authentic selves without fear of discrimination or judgment. We started Blossom to bridge the gap between youth and adult services, providing a middle ground to ensure no one is left behind. Today Blossom is a volunteer-led community interest company that runs two weekly social groups, a group for parents of LGBTQ+ people, and a queer art group as well as one-off events such as LGBTQ+ comedy nights, queer art exhibitions and pop-up LGBTQ+ social spaces.


About the role
As a fundraising officer, you’ll work closely with our core team to come up with innovative ways to fund the exciting projects we already run and projects we’ll run in the future. Blossom LGBT CIC has a huge opportunity to grow but often finance and capacity prevent us.  We’re ideally looking to fill two roles; one which is predominately focused on grant bid writing and another which is more outside of the box and focusing on individual giving.

Some of the suggested skills for this role could be:

  • Able to read and write budgets.
  • Good business acumen.
  • Bid writing / strong written English skills.
  • Out of the box thinking.
  • But we’d be happy to tailor this role to your skills.


We’re looking for people who are committed to helping our small but powerful project thrive and grow. Please email your CV (and/or cover letter) to: [email protected]


Our Commitment to Equity
At Blossom we strive to create an organisation where our team represents underrepresented and multiple marginalised LGBTQ+ people. We’re proud to be a diverse bunch and make aim to ensure we always provide a voice, platform, and representation to those in our community who are often not listened to.

  • Two out of four directors identify as women and one of us identifies as non-binary.
  • Over 50% of our team identify as ‘trans and non-binary’.
  • Just under 95% of our team identifies as a ‘minoritized gender’ (largely woman and non-binary people).
  • Just under 40% of our team identify as having an ‘additional accessibility need’.
  • 25% of our team identify as being an ‘older LGBTQ+ person’.
  • 30% of our team are from White European countries outside of England.
  • Over 75% of our service users identify as trans or non-binary.


We also acknowledge that Blossom needs to increase the representation of Black and Asian LGBTQ+ people within our team. We take active steps to ensure we create a race-equitable and non-tokenistic volunteering experience by taking steps such as ensuring our leadership team has a firm understanding of race equality, anti-racism, and justice as well as regular race equity reviews with scalable plans to roll out a race equity programme to all volunteers in the near future. We also have a full published race equity vision which includes commitments to use our platforms to decolonize LGBTQ+ history and ensure we do active outreach work to ensure we reach a diverse audience.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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