Company Director (Multiple Opportunities)

Location: South East England, Hybrid Remote
Closing Date: 28th Feb 2023
Marketing Lead

Employment Type: Volunteer

Here’s The Tea…
After four years of fantastic achievements & growth, we’ve realised it’s time to get ready for the future. Toward the end of 2022, our company created a vision for how Blossom LGBT CIC will look within the next 5 years, this starts with a fresh executive director team & rebrand.

We’re looking for talented individuals to join us “at the top of the tree” to shape and conduct key areas of our organisation. We’ll work collaboratively to introduce our new structures, improve our internal processes, and start creating paid opportunities for those involved in our organisation. Whilst you’ll work collaboratively with our managing director to take care of the overarching organisational direction, you’ll have control over your designated area with the ambition to insert a fresh point of view, create opportunity, and reach a wider audience.

We’re currently searching for:

  • Director of our Sober Social Spaces (Director of Spaces)
  • Director of Queer Expression Workshops (Director of Workshops)
  • Director of community education & upskilling (Director of Community Building)
  • Director of Outreach & Events Services (Director of Outreach)
  • Director of Finance & Resource (Director of Finance)


You’ll take over the management of the groups, events, and activities relevant to your department. This will require you to be onsite at venues across Surrey (Currently Woking & Guildford) or find appropriate cover when you’re unavailable. Except for the director of finance & resource which can be done remotely.

Success in the role will look like the successful expansion and operations of your department, but also the health of our entire organisation. Once in the post, you’ll agree on key performance indicators with the managing director.

Initially, you’ll start as a volunteer but we’ll actively encourage and support you to turn this into a paid opportunity through funding bids and sponsorships.

You can find out more about our future vision for Blossom LGBT CIC and the specifics of a directorship with us by clicking here. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] to ask any questions.

It’s important to identify you’ll be listed as an official director on companies house so it’s imperative that you understand the implications of this and are prepared for the responsibility – Don’t be off put if you’ve never held a directorship before, we’d still like to hear from you!


We understand the barriers to LGBTQ+ people gaining appropriate experience in leadership and management functionalities and are dedicated to providing opportunities to grow. If you are passionate about this role but do not currently have all of the experience outlined below, we would still like to hear from you.

Behaviour Specification

  • A clear commitment to LGBTQ+ equality including an emphasis on supporting marganlised and underrepresented LGBTQ+ communities including (but not limited to) people of colour, people who have additional accessibility requirements, bi people, trans people, and non-binary people. With an understanding of oppression, power, and privilege.
  • Able to tailor their interpersonal, leadership and management styles to effectively create inclusive environments and meet the needs of individual team members.
  • Emotionally intelligent, able to build and influence strong relationships internally and externally.
  • Self motivated leader whose able to create and drive effective and long lasting positive change.
  • Delivery focused and resilient to change.
  • Isn’t afraid to fail or get things wrong but is ready to get back up and try something new.
  • Owns the performance of their team including celebrating successes, learning from failures, and support them to develop.
  • Commited to continual learning and growth. Comfortable with receiving and providing feedback.
  • Generally have a positive outlook and role model emotional resilience.


Skills Specifications

  • Inspiring management and leadership skills including effective communication, a passion for development, coaching, change management, performance management, and upskilling.
  • Ability to feed into, develop, and implement operational plans and organisation wide strategies.
  • Strong business acumen with the ability to make tough business decisions even when they are personally difficult.
  • Able to work in a quick pace environment being reactive to change but results-focused.
  • Understand the legal parameters and requirements of running an organisation.
  • Financially literate with an understanding of creating and developing budgets.
  • Strong written English with the ability to produce reports.
  • Focused on problem-solving and innovation.
  • Appropriately priorities work understanding what is reasonable to achieve as a volunteer-led org.
  • Understands data collection and how to present data in digestible and clear ways.
  • Project management skills.



  • Creating effective systems and processes that lead to better organisational outcomes.
  • Creating, managing, and sourcing budgets.
  • Working with LGBTQ+ people.
  • Qualification or experience in some form of management.
  • Working in a small grass roots organisation.
  • Previous or current experience as a director.
  • Supporting and understanding the needs of diverse people aged 18 to 30 years old.
  • Direct experience relevant to the department you’ll be leading.



As a director, you’ll be expected to take accountability for the department including its financial health, compliance with our governance & policies, staffing, and reach. You’ll also be expected to lead organisation-wide projects from time to time. Directors will also be expected to attend a monthly director’s meeting.

We’ll ask you to commit a minimum of 3 hours a week.

To apply, email your CV & a cover letter explaining which director position you’re expressing interest in and why you’re right for the role 

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