Pride in Strength

The Commando Temple Gym 16 Resolution Way, London

Pride in Strength are running a strong person workshop on 8th January at the The Commando Temple Gym, London Learn tyre flips, carries and drags, plus axle clean and press Ticket sales are being donated to Free2B to support our vital work with LGBTQ+ young people.


Coffee and Cake Events

The North Northants LGBTQ+ Forum, in association with North, and West, Northamptonshire Councils, The Integrated Care Northants System, and local partners, are holding a series of Coffee and Cake events across the month of February. We'll bring the cake, you bring the coffee (or any drink of your choosing). These events are raising money for […]


City for LGBT+ 2023: Protecting our Communities

Macquarie Group 28 Ropemaker Street, London

Macquarie, alongside founding partners GiveOut and The Funding Network are pleased to invite you to City for LGBT+ 2023. This year, City for LGBT+ will mark its 5th anniversary and we hope to celebrate by passing a huge fundraising milestone - but we need your help! This live crowdfunding event brings together our community and […]

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