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Your ABC of LGBT

February is LGBT+ History Month. This year, in response to questions raised by Small Charities Coalition members about how to make services and organisations more inclusive for LGBT+ beneficiaries, staff, trustees, and volunteers – we explore the power of language.

The language we use can be either signal a warm welcome or create a hostile environment. It can make or break relationships, it can inspire confidence or foster hate. It is an indicator of our organisation’s approach to engagement and our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. The words we use matter.

This short session will explore some of the more common terms used in relation to discussions with and about LGBT+ communities. When is it LGBT and when it is LGBTQ+? Do you say transgender or transexual, what or who is CIS, what does it mean to be non-binary, what is deadnaming – just a few of the questions this short session will explore.

Led by Yassine Senghor we explore commonly heard phrases, acronyms, unpack their meaning and explore how they are used.

Join us for an important discussion about how we work with one another.

All welcome

Speaker: Yassine Senghor

Yassine Senghor from Impact Culture. Yassine is a Diversity and Inclusion specialist with expertise in LGBT inclusion and race equity. She has previously worked for Stonewall the largest LGBT organisation in Europe and brings a wealth of professional knowledge and personal lived experience to the conversation.

Event Details

2nd February 2021 • 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm





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