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Trans Day of Visibility: Maghrib Prayer and Reflections on Visibility

Inclusive Mosque warmly invites Trans Muslims to join our online maghrib prayer led by and for Trans Muslims on the International Transgender Day of Visibility 2023. Trans Day of Visibility, also called TDOV, aims to celebrate Trans people and raise awareness of the oppression and discrimination faced by Trans people worldwide.

“Visibility” can be complicated, and often dangerous, for Trans people. While visibility can be empowering and validating, many of us feel pressure to be “visible” or to “prove” our gender to others. What it means to be “visible” is often rooted in white supremacist norms and gender constructs, leaving lots of Trans folks unable to be “visible” – or, in contrast, always “visible”.

There also remains a lack of safety for “visible” Trans people. The state continues to weaponise visibility and invisibility to oppress Trans folks, especially the most marginalised members of our communities like incarcerated Trans people and Trans asylum seekers.

For TDOV this year, we invite Trans Muslims to reflect on concepts of visibility and how this relates to our ongoing resistance to discrimination, oppression, and violence. This oppression comes from other people on an interpersonal level, and from institutions or the state. As Trans Muslims, we are always visible to Allah, and in this space we are visible to each other. What does “visibility” mean to you? How do we work to ensure justice and liberation for all Trans Muslims? How can we keep each other safe, especially when “visibility” puts us at risk?

During this event, we’ll break our fasts together before praying maghrib in a Sunni format. After praying, you’re welcome to eat iftar with us during our optional online social space. We’re really excited to spend time with you all this Ramadan!

Please only register if you’re a Trans Muslim. We use Trans as an umbrella term that includes nonbinary people and people who are questioning or exploring their gender.

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31st March 2023 • 7:15 pm - 8:15 pm





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