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Queer Politics & Histories of Kinks – Workshop

The Courtauld Institute of Art LGBTQ+ Society presents…
‘Queer Politics & Histories of Kinks’ @ 6-7.30PM on Monday 15th February
[email [email protected] to register your interest and ask for the Zoom link]

This workshop will be led by the Courtauld’s own fabulous LGBTQ+ representative, Paula Onică, who will be helping us unravel the fascinating world of kinks in this semi-casual event. She’ll first walk us through a brief history of kink highlighting some of the problematic aspects of representation and will then invite us to join a roundtable discussion. Join us to debate issues like the politics of kink, the extent of one’s autonomy over one’s body, the need for representation in mainstream media, and (perhaps most importantly in this lockdown) whether modern porn is worth preserving?

Here are a few of Paulă’s words on queerness and kinks – “For some time the LGBTQ+ community overlapped and was synonymous with ‘kink’ in the popular imagination. Today the two are more clearly defined, yet kink is still not a subject the world feels at ease addressing. There is a need for representation and this community deserves recognition as a subculture in its own right. This event is an attempt to open up a conversation around the subject and help us find ways we can comfortably talk about it.”

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15th February 2021 • 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm





The Courtauld Institute of Art LGBTQ+ Society