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Parapride’s ‘Dis-Section’ – Disability & Sexuality: The Naked Truth – LGBTQ+ & Body Positive

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Sex and sexuality are favourite topics among mainstream LGBTQ+ society, however, disability is frequently left out of the conversations. Is disability considered incompatible to sex-related topics?
During this event will be talking about disability and sex positivity around different bodies, and being able to express ourselves freely.
‘Dis-section’, (disability section), is an inclusive and safe digital space brought to you by Parapride; as the name suggests phonetically, we ‘dissect’ and scrutinise topics that are often not talked about in the wider LGBTQ+ society.
Along with our line up of expert panellists we will converse openly, honestly and respectfully about disability, intimacy, sex, love & dating, the gay hook-up culture, as well as the stigmas and taboo that surround these aspects of our disabled community.

We will provide BSL interpreters and live closed captions, and descriptive language will be used.

Parapride is an empowerment charity that advocates for the visibility, education and awareness of LGBTQ+ disabled people. We are a non-profit registered charity entirely run by volunteers. Your generous donations will help us produce more events like this one. Please continue to support us.
You can donate through our website https://parapride.org/

This event is funded by LGBT Consortium.

Event Details

24th November 2021 • 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm




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