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London Bisexuals Monthly Social (online)

Our group’s regular social on the fourth Thursday every month, currently still online (via Zoom) as an informal unstructured social chat. This month also coincides with John (organiser)’s birthday – fancy a game via Zoom anyone? Bring/eat some cake if you like?

This event is great for new members; very friendly, relaxed atmosphere, definitely social, fun, and happy; not meat-market, just informal chat and optional bring-your-own-drinks. While the group is London-based, for online events we have been happy to welcome people from all over the world – anywhere your waking hours suit our timezone. If you’re part of the bi+ umbrella identity (bisexual, pansexual, heteroflexible/homoflexible, polysexual, a suitable version of queer – basically any m-spec label), or think you might be (e.g. bi-curious or questioning) and can communicate with us, come say hi and hang out!

Supportive partners, and practicing allies also welcome – no biphobia, racism/micro-aggressions, transphobia or other bigotry allowed! If you have extra needs or questions, please get in touch via Meetup messaging/social media/email.

Who/what to expect…
Expect at least 10 of you (pub meets were 30-40 back in 2019), with a good mix of regulars and first-timers (roughly half and half – always a lot of new faces every time), genders (not too far from an even split of men/women, a few of whom might be trans, & non-binary people welcome too), a mix of ethnicities similar to or more diverse than the London population (aka. BAME/POC), and sometimes another neurodiverse person/people. The odd couple/+1 too.

This keeps it fresh and friendly to all – regulars chat to new folk. New members won’t be the only new person (by a long way) so you shouldn’t feel left out. If you turn up after the start and it looks like everyone already knows everyone – it only seems like that; its just how friendly we are. We finish late so we’re used to people coming and going through the evening.

Most people arrive within the first hour, it’s busiest at 9-9.30pm but a crowd is around til at least 10pm, often later (sometimes even a handful til midnight). When you first connect you’ll be in a waiting room, we will let you in after a few seconds (if it takes longer we might be busy, please be patient). Find us at: https://zoom.londonbi.org (will redirect to the zoom meet directly) – join the Meetup group to find out the meet id from the direct link there or message organiser John to ask.

Other links to our online social media/meetup group/to donate/.. via our campsite bio (bottom of list): https://campsite.bio/londonbi

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22nd April 2021 • 7:00 pm - 11:59 pm





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