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Demystifying Commissioning Training Webinar – delivered by Traverse

This introductory webinar will clarify what commissioning is and looks like. In doing so, it will dispel a number of common myths and misunderstandings around commissioning.

The webinar will also describe how commissioning has changed over time, and what explore drives these changes. Attendees will also be introduced to the ‘bigger picture’ around how different commissioning bodies and budgets operate, and the implications for these for service providers.

The webinar will conclude by sharing a few useful tips around how organisations can better engage with commissioning and commissioners.

The webinar will be followed by a three week online learning course that will build on the background learning covered during the introductory webinar and explore the commissioning landscape in detail. It is anticipated that this will cover different commissioning processes, how to put together a commissioning package and how to deliver, monitor and evaluate commissioned programmes. The final content of these webinars will be informed by feedback received in response to the introductory webinar.

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Event Details

28th May 2020 • 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm