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Brother Men’s GBT+ Married/Kids Weekly Check-in

Brother Men’s GBT+ Married/Kids Weekly Check-in

About this Event

What’s a Brother Check-in Session?

A weekly check-in session for gay, bi & trans men or those who are questioning, who are/were married/partnered and may or may not have kids.

A confidential and safe space to talk to other guys in the same situation as you. There is power in listening to other peoples experiences. A chance to feel supported by other members of the community created just for you.

We have first hand experience with this situation, you can read some more about that here: https://www.beabrother.co.uk/blog/nqf95153oy6r32dsvvznwztjaa50bw

We’ve created a space just for you, to be who you are without fear of judgement. A space to support each other and chat about things that affect as part of the community. Apps have their place, but most of the time guys are looking for something more. Hopefully, Brother can be one of those things.

Brother is a space where this can happen.

  • Come as you are.
  • Be yourself.
  • Share.
  • Listen.
  • Whatever you need.
  • Be a Brother.


Each session is facilitated so that we have the space to be guided through our conversations. It’s zero judgement space, just be you. Attend each week, once a month or whenever you need to check-in.

A session costs £5.00.

Zoom login details will be sent prior to the meeting.

Event Details

22nd December 2020 • 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm





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