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Consortium and Micro Rainbow: A safer London for LGBT+ refugees and migrants

In collaboration with Micro Rainbow, Consortium are very excited to invite organisations that support LGBTIQA+ refugees, people seeking asylum and migrants in London to a focused conversation about what recovery and renewal can mean for LGBT+ refugees, migrants and people seeking asylum beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2020, the Mayor of London published the London Recovery Programme as a long-term plan to address the impact of Covid-19 and reinvigorate among other London’s communities, economies, and environments. We did not see all of London’s LGBTIQA+ communities echoed in this programme, and so began our work with the LGBTIQA+ Plan for London: A recovery and renewal plan by and for London’s LGBTIQA+ communities. With the valuable input of 95 community organisations working across housing, mental health, culture and venues, sports, youth, trans and non-binary advocacy and more, we launched our LGBTIQA+ Plan in June 2021. The plan is out there, but it is by no means finished. We are now embarking on  our next steps with this work, and are keen to capture bold visions and ambitions about London 2025 among organisations that support LGBT+ refugees, people seeking asylum and migrants. What key specialist service provision and offers are missing today? What will it take to make London a safer city for LGBT+ refugees, people seeking asylum and migrants by 2025?

If this is a successful event, we at Consortium are happy to facilitate a London network of organisations working within these communities to find ways to collaborate on ideas and projects, amplify each other’s work and create a space for solidarity, support and resistance.

The event will be co-facilitated by Consortium and Micro Rainbow, with a brilliant guest speaker from Micro Rainbow’s scholarship programme.

This is an event for organisations, groups and projects that support LGBT+ refugees, migrants and people seeking asylum only, so please make sure to share which organisation you work for.

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September 6 • 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm




020 7064 6500